Catherine in 2007 as the $9.99 Witch

I have compiled this list of CHEAP and SIMPLE Halloween Costume Ideas, and have listed the approximate cost of pulling each one together…Most of these would work fine for adults or for children.   My husband and I like to dress up to take our kids out Trick-or-Treating, not only is it fun, but we get candy too!   Hee-hee!   Many of these costumes can be made for free as you will likely have most of these items already in your home, and if not, you can improvise with a little bit of creativity and a visit to your local thrift shop!!!   None of them will cost more than 10 bucks!   You just can’t do better than that!

1. The $10 Pirate – White Long-Sleeved Shirt, Red Bandana, Eye-Patch, Hoop Earring, Black Tights/Pants, Black Boots – Ahoy There Me Harties! (cost – $2.00)

2. Frugal Train Engineer – Pair of Overalls (striped ones are ideal, but any will do) White T-Shirt, Red Bandana to tie around neck (cost – $1.00)

3. Cheap-Skate Ghost – Old White Sheet (done) Oh, and to dress him up a little, why not add a colourful Bow-Tie!?! (cost – Free!)

4. Inexpensive Bag of Candy – 1 Dry-Cleaners Bag, 20 Multi-Coloured Balloons (cost $1 for Balloons)

5. Stingy Skeleton – Black Turtle-Neck, Black Pants, White Acrylic Paint.   Use an anatomy text book to re-create a rough skeleton out-line. (cost – Free!)

6. $9.99 Witch – Long Black Dress, Witch’s Hat, Black Gloves, Large Pendant etc. (cost – $9.99 for hat at Walmart)

7. Cheapy Scarecrow – Straw Hat, Old Jeans, Plaid Shirt, Straw to Stuff out Neck and Cuffs (cost – $3.00 for straw bail from local farm)

8. Money-Mad Scientist – White Lab Coat (see if you can have or borrow an old one from a highschool, or University Lab) Pens and Pocket Protector, Lots of Hair Gel to make a crazy “do” (cost – free!)

9. No-Money Mummy – One roll of good quality Toilet paper, and that’s a wrap! Hah!   Wrap, get it? (cost – .50)

10. Tacky Tourist – Loud Hawaiian Shirt available in husband’s closet, Camera around neck, Hawaiian Leis, Straw Hat, Sun Glasses, Zinc Sunblock on nose, Maps (cost – free!)