I saw this idea on another blog recently, and I thought it was a great way for people to get to know more about me. Basically, I am just going to take the next hour, and write down 101 things about myself.

Whether you read this for pure interest, nosiness, or out of sheer boredom, here are a few things you may not have known about me and may or may not want to read!

1. I am finding it hard to find things to write on my blog lately (obvious perhaps?)

2. I am an Aries.

3. I lived in Toronto for either 5 or 6 years…I can’t remember anymore.

4. My favorite colour is powder blue.

5. I don’t like walnuts very much.

6. Most other types of nuts are fine.

7. Especially almonds and cashews.

8. Salted, of course.

9. Rosie is a bit disruptive.

10. Rosie is my cat.

11. I have 2 other cats as well.

12. I have never been to a resort.

13. I would like to go to one…nowish.

14. I tried Feng Shui in our old apartment.

15. Now, who has the time.

16. I have a small flower garden, and I will miss it when we move.

17. I am not an experienced gardener, but my neighbours think I am!

18. I don’t like March.

19. In fact, I think it is the worst month of the year.

20. February also sucks.

21. October is the best.

22. Mostly on account of the pumpkin patch.

23. And Thanksgiving.

24. And Gwyneth’s Birthday.

25. And Halloween.

26. I love Nova Scotia.

27. Seafood is my favorite (see #26)

28. Scallops rule!

29. Problem is, they are really expensive.

30. And not easy to cook.

31. But, I think I do them okay…

32. It’s 8:34

33. p.m.

34. I wish on eyelashes.

35. All the time.

36. And I believe.

37. I have also wished on a star…

38. Recently.

39. Prayer works as well.

40. I used to be a great speller, but not anymore.

41. I blame my computer for that.

42. And other things…

43. I don’t know what.

44. I tend to ramble.

45. When I am nervous.

46. Or being dishonest.

47. Which isn’t often.

48. Because I am a horrible liar.

49. Which is ok.

50. Most of the time.

51. My house is a mess.

52. My children are both sleeping.

53. Although my baby is stirring.

54. I miss school.

55. Mostly, I miss being younger.

56. And the time that affords.

57. But I am also happy I’m older.

58. Just wish I could stay where I’m at.

59. And not get any older…

60. Than I am right now.

61. I am thankful.

62. But still I want more.

63. Doesn’t everyone?

64. I don’t do sports.

65. And it shows.

66. But, I’d like to run…

67. As I did when I was younger.

68. The ice needs to melt.

69. I am scared of falling.

70. Especially on ice.

71. I miss cross-boarder shopping trips with my family.

72. I’m afraid of Americans.

73. Actually, I’m not really…I just like that Bowie song.

74. And many others.

75. Not so much modern radio though.

76. It all sounds the same.

77. Old people say things like that.

78. I like old people.

79. Nice ones, that is.

80. I have more to say than I thought!

81. I have a sticker fetish.

82. And beads…

83. I love to walk.

84. French Impressionism is not over-rated.

85. It’s exquisite.

86. Everyone can wear hats.

87. Not everyone can wear a Speedo.

88. Myself included.

89. I need a pedicure.

90. The last one I had was before Liam was born.

91. “The Wedding Singer” is a fun movie.

92. I just saw “Super Size Me”

93. Wow!

94. I’ve been to McDonalds since.

95. It’s cold in here.

96. No one knows how to spell my middle name.

97. Or ever even heard of it before.

98. I like Raisins in my oatmeal.

99. And I like Eggs too…

100. Not in my oatmeal.

101. That was fun πŸ™‚

Well, there you have it. The mindless ramblings of a baby-brained, sleep deprived, boredom stricken me on a Friday night! Things sure have changed a lot. Gone are the days of being out til 3 a.m. Changing into my evening attire nowadays consists of a night shirt, and fuzzy socks, and a late night beverage is a glass of warm milk!

You know what?!? I wouldn’t trade it for anything πŸ˜€