elven pendantsilver ring


I think creativity runs in my family. I’m always crafting this and that. My Mom is a published writer, Dad is a great cook, black-light puppet designer, and all around artistic guy, and my brother Michael is a jewelery designer. I’m very proud of his work and I wanted to show off some of his designs here. As you can see, he is a talented fellow. He works mainly in Sterling Silver, but is always experimenting with new materials. His designs are fresh and whimsical, taking inspiration from the Medieval and fantasy sources.

Wicked Fruit

As is the case with many artists, Michael would love to make jewelery for a living. If you are looking for a unique piece as a gift, or for yourself, and are interested in his work, please let me know. He has a lot to offer, and what is shown here is only a small sample of his extensive designs…

The Other Ring