I truly believe that toddlers are the reason that mankind invented the vacuum!

Today was one of those days that I wish I could just “re-do.” Liam is getting more and more adventuresome and curious each day, and made his “Dennis the Menace” debut today by getting into everything possible, rattling my nerves, keeping me hopping, and trying my patience as a still relatively new Mom.

It all began this morning with a huge crash, when he pulled an entire box of beads to the floor, scattering the tiny fragments of glass in all directions. Incidentally, minutes earlier, I had just finished sorting through the beads, removing the broken ones. I brought the vacuum out after picking up most of the beads (and pieces of new broken ones) to ensure that I got any sharp bits remaining on the floor.

Later, as I was loading the dishwasher, I gave Liam a wire whisk to amuse himself with. No sooner had I turned around to complete my chore, Liam had taken the implement, and begun to dig through the dirt of one of my large floor plants. For the second time today, the vacuum made its appearance.

In a household with three resident cats, Liam’s curiousity often gets the better of him, and he likes to investigate our feline companions close-up. Two out of three are *fairly* good natured about his antics, mind you there has been the occasional scratch. Our oldest cat Beatrice, is however not such a good sport. Liam had cornered her in the Livingroom, and when I heard hissing, I came dashing in just in time to spare his little hands from a potential attack! He was trying to feed her a cookie…Where is that vacuum again?

I thought that Liam had gotten into just about everything possible, until the very end of the day when he discovered how much fun it is to shred toilet paper all over the bathroom floor. I was again, glad that the vacuum was near-by…

Days like today, I am so relieved to see my husband walk through the front door. Not that I am not normally happy with his arrival home, but days like today, I feel the need for extra “back-up” reinforcements!

The vacuum still sits in the hall, waiting to be put back into the garage. I know it will be out again tomorrow, as more cookies are crumbled, there are more spills and shreds of this and that on the floors. Maybe I should just incorporate it into part of our livingroom furniture…it would make an intersting coffee table afterall, and if not the most attractive of coffee tables, at least a very functional one in our house!