It had been a long time since I had last visited the village of Elora, Ontario, but today was such a beautiful day with sunshine and moderate temperatures, that my husband and I decided to take a drive up and get some fresh air. I also had an alterior motive…I had heard of “Gecko Beads,” a small but excellent bead shop in the heart of the village, and I was in need (or at least in want) of some new beading supplies…After perusing the hundreds of brightly coloured choices of stone, glass and metal, I made my selection and left the shop with my small bag of beads.

Seeing as one of the main intentions for this blog was to offer craft project ideas, I am thinking I had better put some of the supplies I have purchased to good use, and make something, fast! In the meantime, I am trying to find inspiration (and time!) to create some beautiful jewelry. With summer fast approaching (don’t make me laugh) I would like to add a few pieces to my collection.

I saw the most stunning multi-strand necklace at the Bead shop “Beadazzled” here in Guelph yesterday. I inquired about the price of the masterpiece, and was told it was for sale for a modest (ahem!) $200! Imagine that, some thread, a few shiny baubles, and $200 later, it could have been mine…I think I’ll see what I can create instead!