Polar Express

This morning, The Polar Express has been viewed in our livingroom for about the fifteenth time. It’s magical story captivates him every time he watches it. Indeed, it fits both Liam’s passion for locomotives and is fascinating to him in that it is a Christmas movie. Chiristmas is not something that he fully undersands just yet, but he knows it means good things are happening in his home, much excitement at the mall, and festivity in the homes and other places he visits at this time of the year.

It is hard to remember being a child of his age (is it even possible?) I cannot imagine, nor can I remember learning of the wonders of Christmas for the first time, seeing the love between family and friends which seems infinite in this festive season, and the small miracles of kindness and goodwill towards others that I have both witnessed and recieved this year.

I do think that toddlers are wise beyond their years. Maybe it is because they have yet to experience some of the bad things that seem to happen to us all, those things which we call “life experiences.” Perhaps Liam sees in this movie some of what the rest of us lose as we get older.

I think this quote from this beautiful Christmas movie sums it all up beautifully. “Sometimes, the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.” -The Polar Express