Lion & Lamb

It is snowing like the blazes out there! I don’t really know where that expression comes from but it seems appropriate somehow. What a strange winter this has been. One day of beautiful sun, and seemingly warm temperatures followed by a day of blizzard-like conditions. I guess this shouldn’t surprise most Canadians. I told Liam today “it looks like the North Pole out there” One could honestly make that mistake looking out my window right now! For starters, I’m not entirely certain that the deck is still there, given the tremendous gusts of wind we keep hearing, but assuming that it is, there will be some serious shovelling to do in the morning.

Speaking of which, as we were in the midst of Real Estate negotiations this evening (about which I will write at a later time, but in a nutshell, let me just say *YAY..it looks like it’s been sold!*) Anyhow, our doorbell rang, and when we opened the door, there stood two of the neighbourhood kids, asking if they could shovel our driveway. Of course, we took them up on their offer, and for the mere $7 I had in my wallet and a couple of cups of cocoa to “go-go” they did a bang-up job!

I guess you could say that March has come in like a lion…which as legend has it, means it will go out like a lamb. I hope this proves true. It has been a long winter, and so many of us are ready for the spring. But until the grass makes it’s happy spring debut once more, at least I know that there are some eager entrepreneurial shovellers just down the street looking for business!