How can it be a month since I last updated here? Honestly, the older I get the faster time seems to go.

Well, I am posting this evening because I have exciting news to share! My brand new cookbook “Cat Can Cook Vegetarian” will be here on Monday – yep, October 16th. I am pretty excited to say the least.

I will have to get my tech-savvy hubby to post a link to be able to purchase the new book on-line  – I honestly cannot recall how we did it last time but I think there was a link to purchase right on the website. Anyhow, we’ll sort it out and have them up as soon as possible.

I must admit though, that I fall short of posting here as often as I’d like, I am pretty good about updating my Facebook, so pop on there, find me, and like my Facebook Page.

The new book has 150 recipes, is in full-colour and is just plain AMAZING! Well, I think it is 😉

The cover price is $20.95 which makes it a perfect gift. You know you’re gonna need to buy several, right?

I will keep you updated here as much as I can, and hopefully, get some photos from the book on here as “teasers” next week. I assure you, this book is even better than book #1, and from all the positive feedback I have gotten about it over the years, I can imagine that this one will be a a go-to as well.

Have a happy weekend everyone – and I’ll check in with you next week with how to order.