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Kids just love to be front and center when it comes to Christmas decorating.   A great way to involve them in the process, is to have them make their very own clay ornaments to hang on the tree. Not only are they beautiful, but such a wonderful keepsake.   I think my Mom still has one that either my brother or I made in Kindergarten!

Clay Christmas Ornaments

1/3 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Salt

1 Cup Flour

Food Colouring

String for Hanging

Paint & Varnish

Mix water, salt and flour.   Divide into different sections in order to make different colours.   Add colouring.   Now the dough can be hand-shaped or rolled out with a rolling pin and cut with cookie cutters.

Once ornaments are made, use a pencil to poke a hole through the top of each one in order to thread a string to be hung.   Place the ornaments on a baking sheet, cover with foil, and bake at 275 for an hour.   Let them cool, then prepare to get creative with the paints! Once dry, varnish. Now your ornaments are ready to be hung on strings!

Tip #1 – These can easily transform into bird feeders.   Instead of painting them with paint, instead brush them with peanut butter, and then dip in bird seeds.   Omit the varnish.   The little feathered friends outside will thank you!

Tip #2 – To create special keepsake ornaments, why not have your children make cookie-cutter shapes with a hole in the center of each, large enough to put their recent picture in?   They can make their very own custom frames which make great gifts for Grandparents or other family members.

Tip #3 – Tis’ the season to be sparkly, so why not add in a good few shakes of glitter to the paints or even the dough itself?   This will give the ornaments a nice sparkle!

Tip #4 – Pets are such an important part of your family, and Fluffy and Fido can easily be incorporated into your Christmas decor too!   Shape ornaments into pet shapes (cat, dog and even fish and bird cookie cutters are relatively easy to find) Use your ornaments as frames, and insert a nice little picture of your animal companion.

Tip #5 – BEADS!   (You knew I would have to somehow add beads in here didn’t you?!?)   Once ornaments are baked, use a paint brush to paint on a thin layer of white glue, roll the ornament in seed beads, and voila!   A beautiful beaded ornament and keepsake! You may wish to varnish over the beads so that they will stay on the ornament for years to come.

If you have any great Christmas Traditions in your family, I’d love to hear from you!   Feel free to comment on my post and let me know about how you celebrate the festive season where you are!

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