Among the 60+ cookbooks in the rapidly growing collection on my kitchen shelves, I have many of the Company’s Coming series by Jean Pare. Her books offer straight-forward recipes, perfect for both entertaining and for family. Recently, I picked up a copy of “Meals in Minutes.” Now *this* is my kind of book! There is an entire section of four-ingredient-recipes. Gotta love that!

I probably have about 15 of her books, and I always know I can go straight to them for simple, no-nonsense recipes. Cost-wise, these books are also a bargain, most coming in at or below the $15 mark.

One of the recipes that caught my attention was the Thai Chicken Salad Wraps. Not too bad for the health-conscious, and again very *very* easy! I think they’d make the perfect little appetizer, paired with spring rolls (I like the PC ones) and a Pad Thai main course.

Thai Chicken Salad Wraps

1 pound lean ground chicken, browned
3/4 cup Thai peanut sauce
12 rice paper rounds
bag of mixed salad greens

(I’d also add in green and red peppers, sliced thin in strips, beansprouts, and chopped peanuts)

Saute chicken, and when cooked through, add sauce.

Soak the rice paper rounds (one at a time) for 1 minute each in hot water until softened. Next, assemble the wraps one by one with meat mixture and greens (and optional additions if using.) Fold the wraps up to close and seal. Place seam side down on a serving platter, and cover with a damp tea towel to prevent drying. Serve with extra peanut sauce for dipping.