After a quick excursion today, I arrived home tired and hungry. My mind was racing about the many things I hoped to accomplish today, as I knew inside vacuuming, dusting, meal preparations and many other tasks awaited me. From the window of my car, I could see that there was a note hanging on my front door. I wondered if the courier had come with notification of a parcel I needed to go and collect from the postal outlet, or if perhaps a neighbour had left something. As I opened the door, I took the note down, and found it was a booklet full of recipes for kids activities, and fun foods to intice fussy toddlers. Below the booklet, hanging from the door knob, was a wonderful little bag of cookies! I was delighted to find these treasures, and wondered who they were from…

I have since e-mailed the “clever cookie” who left this little surprise for me, to thank her for her thoughtful gesture of friendship! Isn’t it funny how small gestures can be the biggest and happiest highlight of your day?