At 36 weeks into the pregnancy, I have officially reached the “tired of being pregnant, please get this baby out, and let me have my body back” stage. Then again, I will be sharing my body for the next year or so while I nurse, so in that regard, I still have a ways to go yet. The nesting instinct has begun, and in my spare time I am trying desperately to get all of the last minute household jobs completed before the big event unfolds.

I am not exactly sure how one goes about preparing their child for the arrival of a new sibling. Liam is a pretty easy going little guy, and we hope this will mean that the transition to sibling instead of “center of Mommy and Daddy’s universe” isn’t as difficult on him as some children find it. We have told Liam that the baby is living in Mommy’s tummy and that she is coming out soon, and he actually seems to understand (sort of)

In terms of preparing ourselves, well, all we can do is brace for impact and hope for the support of family and friends while we undero this major adjustment. I know we are about to enter what will probably be remembered as some of the most challenging days, months and possibly years of our lives, but I think we are as ready as we’ll ever be.

I stumbled upon this wonderful quote on parenthood tonight. It pretty much sums up my feelings for Liam and I am quite sure it will do the same for our new baby as well.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body” ~Elizabeth Stone