Today’s post is all about comfort foods!  You know the ones – Mom always made them for you, and you still find comfort in the very thought of them?  Mac n’ Cheese, Mom’s Meatloaf, Turkey Stew…ah, now you’re getting the picture!

For me, it’s Creamed Peas!  Yes, I know – I’m strange, but this was a dish that both my Mom and my dear Gram always made for me, and to this day, I enjoy them so much and and they provide soul warming comfort…

The traditional Scottish “Mushy Peas” are good, but these are so much better!

Creamed Peas

1 14 oz Can Peas, drained

1 TBSP Butter

1 TBSP Flour

1 Cup Milk

3 Slices Processed Cheese (hey, I didn’t say it was a helathy recipe!)

Drain Peas, and set aside.  In medium sauce pan, heat TBSP of Butter/Margarine over low heat, until melted.  Add in flour, and make into a thick paste.  Whisk in milk, and increase heat slightly to medium temperature, to thicken sauce.  Once thickened, add in cheese slices. Once melted, add in the peas.  Heat, add in a dash of salt and pepper and serve with your favorite meat and potatoes dinner!