I remember my Mom once telling me that her Grandmother used to say “if there’s enough blue sky to make a man’s shirt, it will be a nice day.” I love hearing the favorite expressions used by our elders, and indeed, I think this one does have some truth to it.
Liam and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon, under cloudy skies that had “just enough” blue. It was a wonderful walk despite a minor meltdown caused by Liam’s indecisiveness as to whether to keep walking, or go back to the park. Never-the-less, we enjoyed our stroll, camera in hand and I took several pictures along the way.
Walking with a toddler forces you to slow down (something many of us need to do more of) It makes you more aware of your environment, and the things in it which normally, you may take for granted or simply not even notice.
In these final days of calm before our second child arrives, I want to remember to notice the small things. I want to remember what it was like to be the mother of just one child. I want to focus on Liam as much as possible, play with him more, read more stories and cuddle him endlessly.
I want to slow down, and simply remember…