Yesterday was simultaneously the worst and best day ever. The entire story of how the day unfolded could be told in many ways, all of which would take quite a long time, but I will sum up by saying in short, that Gwyneth had a Febrile Seizure, and it was the scariest thing my husband and I have ever witnessed!

I wanted to provide parents with some information on Febrile Seizures, what they are, and how to cope if one happens to your child. The paramedics and doctors all told us the same thing “they are so much more scary to witness than they are to experience” but that almost seems like cold comfort after seeing the condition of our young daughter yesterday morning.

Febrile seizures occur most commonly in very young children, usually between the ages of one year and six years of age. They usually come on suddenly following the rapid increase in a fever. The fever does not necessarily need to be extremely high, but it is the actual sudden increase that appears to cause them to happen.

There seems to be more instances of Febrile Seizures within families (there are seizures on both sides of our family) and eventually, they are outgrown.

In Gwyneth’s case, she had two “mini-seizures” as I have been calling them, followed later by a massive Febrile Seizure in which she went limp, shook, bubbled and twitched at the mouth, and briefly, stopped breathing and turned blue! It was absolutely horrific to witness, helpless as I waited for the 911 dispatcher to talk us through how to cope until the Paramedics arrived (which was simply to place her in the recovery position until help arrived)

She seems so much better today, after some tests and many hours at the hospital yesterday, accompanied by prayer from concerned family and friends, all of whom I want to thank from the bottom of my heart. I am so very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. The phone didn’t stop ringing yesterday with offers of help, and prayer. God Bless all of you for that!

I am keeping a close eye on her however, in case this is to happen again. I sure hope not!

If you would like more information on Febrile Seizures, this link might be useful.