This beautiful shot was taken up in Flesherton, Ontario (my parents new neck of the woods)   Woods indeed!   It was captured out back in the woods behind their home while my brother and I were out searching for rocks for my garden pond.   My brother is the family fungus expert, and would surely be able to tell you exactly what type this is..personally, to me, it’s a mushroom, nuff said.

I find such beauty in nature.   Objects so simple, yet so lovely.   Every picture tells a story, so I would like to share some of the many photos that I have taken and talk a little about each one, beginning today.   I am adopting a more “regimented” style of blogging, with “Manic Muffin Monday’s” very new, but proving quite popular indeed, judging from the feedback I am receiving via e-mail!   Keep it coming by the way!

So, I will make sure to post every Monday and Friday at the very least, and hopefully lots in between!I have so many recipes, many craft ideas and creativity to share!

The aim in sharing “Foto Fridays” is to show some of the wonderful pictures I have taken with a simple point and shoot camera.   I am not into fancy photography by any means.   I just enjoy taking pictures, and want to integrate this hobby into my blogging routine.