I recently had the pleasure of working with talented photographer, Gillian Gauthier of Gigi Photography. What an absolute joy it was! Gillian came to my home, and casually snapped away with her camera as I cooked and baked right here in my own kitchen. Her obvious gift with the camera made the session both enjoyable and easy!

While my sous-chef (aka: Gwyneth) and I whipped up some muffins, salsa and other yummies, it was a delight to chat with Gillian about her own family, interests and love of photography. A mother of three, Gillian was excellent with my two children, and they enjoyed having her here just as much as I did asking “when is the camera girl coming back again?” It was like working alongside a friend. The session was comfortable, relaxed and simple – just the way that I like things to be, especially in my kitchen.

I can’t wait to work with Gillian again. They say when you love something it shows – Gillian’s work is a testament to that statement. Her images of full of a richness only seen in one’s true passion.