Happy Birthday!

I turned 30 on Tuesday! I don’t know whether to celebrate, or cry. But they say that 40 is the new 20, so by my calculations, I guess that puts me somewhere around 10!

We celebrated the big day quietly, with family. I haven’t been feeling much like partying, what with my current schedule of going to bed by about 7:30 p.m. and I felt it wouldn’t be fair to invite a bunch of friends over, only to kick them all out at the hour of 7 when it was time for my one-year-old and I to “retire” for the evening!

So instead, I celebrated my birthday this week by having my first “official” pre-natal visit. As expected, it included the usual height and weight measurements, blood pressure (which was alarmingly high!) plus the embarassing but necessary physical examinations and the ever-popular “pee-in-a-jar” routine. All of this was expected, and over with quickly enough, so I really cannot complain too much. The entire process was made totally worthwhile when I was able to hear the heartbeat of our tiny unborn child. It is such a reassuring sound, and hearing this sound for the first time was so wonderful.

That was the most meaningful birthday gift of all!