Man, when I see a picture like this, it makes me thankful that I had my kids one at a time!

Mommy Cat

Remember to thank your Mom tomorrow for all of the wonderful things she has done for you throughout your life. I think it took me having children of my own to realise what a difficult job it truly is, and to understand some of the sacrifices that Mothers make daily for their children. Of course, my own children are still very young, and I am only just beginning to understand the scope of what Motherhood entails, but I can definitely say that it’s a job unlike any other!

But when it comes to knowing my own Mother, I think I know her pretty well and as adults, we have become good friends as well as Mother and Daughter. My Mom is such an insightful and empathic person. She is a good listener, a deep thinker and a problem solver. She is a spiritually connected person. She is a teacher by occupation and at heart. She is a writer. She is a helper, and she offers guidance , love and support. She is sympathetic and cares about her family and friends. She is all of these things to me and my husband, my brother and to her Grandchildren. She is wise, and she shares her knowledge and advice. She loves us unconditionally.

Please remember to thank your Mom tomorrow. After all, you wouldn’t be here without her, and if she’s anything like MY Mom, you will certainly be glad that she is YOUR Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!