And I thought one baby was a lot of work!!!

Being a Mom myself now, makes me realise all of the sacrifices and hard work my own Mother endured raising my Brother Michael and I. I am so thankful to have her as my Mother and friend. She is such a kind, thoughtful person and has always been such an inspiration to me and others with her positive outlook on life, and helpful advice whenever it was needed.

Chocolate Popsicle Chocolate Popsicle

Speaking of being a Mom, Liam re-discovered popsicles yesterday…as you can see from the pictures, he certainly enjoyed them!

Today is Mother’s Day. I plan to be asolutely pampered, with breakfast in bed, followed by with a day at the spa, then I will finish the day with a meal personally prepared by world-class chef…uh, wait, no…that’s not *my* life! That’s my fantasy Mother’s Day!!! I think it will be a bit more low key than that. We’ll go to the garden centre, pick out a few new plants for the garden and just hang out and do some yard work…there’ll likely be a few diaper changes, maybe the odd temper tantrum (by my son…and who knows, maybe me as well!) and a lot of playtime with Liam.

Happy Mother’s Day to Mom’s everywhere!