It may be cold outside, but I am dreaming of summer, and sewing up a storm inside! I made this saucy little bag the other day, and it turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself!) Now, if only we could get rid of this snow, I might actually be able to use it!

Bag Making 101


Here is what you’ll need:

About 3/4 Meter of Fabric of your choice (preferably summery print)

Bamboo Handles (available at your local craft and sewing stores)

Interfacing (the kind that adheres to fabric when ironed)


Thread to match fabric

Scissors and Pinking Shears if you have them (I used both)


Bag Making 101

First, lay out fabric on a flat surface and determine how large you want your bag to be to. Once you have figured this out, fold either side of fabric in to meet in the centre so that you will only have one seam which will be on the inside. Cut enough interfacing so that it matches up with the outside edges of your cloth, place in centre of cloth with wrong side of cloth facing up, and interfacing facing shiny side up as well. Fold fabric over to meet in the middle, leaving enough for a seam to hide rough edge. Press with medium to hot iron so interfacing sticks to fabric to stiffen it.

Bag Making 101

Next, fold fabric up to form a pouch with top edges of either side flush together, pin outside edges on wrong side of bag, and machine stitch starting at the bottom, working up, leaving about 3 – 4 inches of fabric on each side at top (you will need this excess in order to attach the handles which is quite tricky and must be done by hand!)

Bag Making 101

Once this is done, pin handles to bag by placing handle in front of fabric for each side, and folding fabric forward over handle.

Bag Making 101

Gather fabric as you work with the pins, so that it has a “bunchy” look to it.

Bag Making 101

Once the handle is attached, it should look something like this (minus this odious grey weather of course. Imagine if you will, this purse on a sun drenched day in July, with waves lapping up on the shore of a beautiful beach…

Ok, maybe not…that’s really a stretch…but just try to picture it in warmer weather instead of out in the cold on my back deck where I took this picture!

Finished Purse

It was so easy…you can do it too…give it a try!