On the weekend, we stopped by a nifty knitting store downtown Toronto, and I was mesmerized by all of the types of wools and yards available!   I had forgotten how much I love these soft and fluffy textures, colours and combinations, even though my crocheting is not so hot and my many attempts at knitting have failed miserably.

I found this great article on-line this evening on making beads from roving (wool that has not been spun) so I wanted to post a link to it!   These really are beautiful beads, and can be added into fashionable necklaces or used as embellishments on bags, hats, scarves and so on!

Check out this bloggers wonderful how-to’s on Hand-Felted Beads, and stay tuned for my own version of hand-felted beads coming up in the next few days.   It looks pretty straight-forward really, not to mention fun, and the finished product is sensational! I really want to do a mixed-medium necklace design with some wood and wool beads together…I think it would be extraordinary!

Gonna git me some roving pardner…yehaw!