Bubble Tea

There are probably better and more creative ways to photograph Bubble Tea, but when it comes to me, I’d rather be drinking it than photographing it! I’ve enjoyed Bubble Tea for years,   but when a friend recently took me to her favorite Bubble Tea shop in Waterloo, I could instantly see why she loves this place! WOW! They can make some serious Bubble Tea over there! The shop is small, and you’d miss it if you didn’t know it was there. It’s called “Sweet Dreams Tea Shop”…ah, if only I had one of those beauties right now!   There is really something quite remarkable about them, and personally, I find them quite addictive!

I have bought some Bubble Tea mix from our local Asian Market in an attempt to replicate this amazing beverage at home. I’ll let you now how it works out (dare I say if it works?) In the mean time, a great excuse to take a scenic drive through Mennonite country. I wonder if the Mennonites have discovered this tasty treat!?!

If you’re still a Bubble tea virgin, I suggest you try one, and fast! This is one addictive habit! Let’s raise a glass “to Bubble Tea!”