Okay, once again I find myself apologizing for a lengthy absence from the blog scene..sorry people!   We’ve had sick kids, hospital stays and although we are feeling much better now, we’ve just been crazy busy…Whew!   But thank goodness the illness seems to be on its way out.   What a greuling few weeks!

Anyhow, first, I would like to share with you my latest project.   I love the spirit and community feeling of Guelph, and I want to do all I can to promote and encourage friendship and giving here in this great city…so…I have set up a brand new Facebook group GuelphSwapShop.   The goal of Guelph Swap Shop is to allow local people to request and offer their good used household items from clothing, to plants, to appliances, and everything in between!

The only stipulation is that all items offered must be free of charge! Members are encouraged however, to   swap and barter items as well…after all, the next best thing to giving, is getting something in return!

So…join us!

And in other news, I just wanted to give a little linky love to Sonja Nimri, internet friend, and creative goddess who has just written her second book, Beadalicious!   Way to go Sonya!   What wonderful creative inspiration and ideas!   Her book is available here.

And finally, recipes anyone? Starting tomorrow (I promise) I will be posting again regularly!   More great recipes, more great photos and more creative inspiration!