Well, the new design is finally up and running, and although it’s still missing some of the *key* elements it will eventually have, these things do take time! Β  I need to photograph my newest jewelry creations, get some amazing new recipes added, finish posting the recent photos I have taken of some of the culinary delights that have come from my very own kitchen, find inspiration for posts themselves, find time to post them…etc…etc. Β  You get the point!

Anyhow, baby steps is all I can say…we are getting there bit by bit πŸ™‚ Although, if the weather continues to be as beautiful as it was today, I may find even less time for it…we were outside for 3 hours today…nuff said!

Anyhow, on the agenda for the rainy day tomorrow, in addition to the regular household duties and kid wrangling, is adding some new photos, and recipes…wish me luck!