Ok…if we can remember to breathe for the next few days, I think we’ll be okay afterall! We just need to get through some paperwork, and a few more house showings on our part, and then we can rest assured.

Believe it or not, it looks as though our house deal, which a mere two days ago was all but over, is going to work out afterall!!! Crazy Real Estate! I am somewhat shocked, and cannot believe that in a couple of months we will be moving to the new home I have dreamed about! I am thrilled to say the least!

The house inspection (of *our* new house) today showed that the house is indeed in good repair with no major problems, which is such a relief. We got to explore it and imagine where our furniture will go. Seeing it again today, just reiterated how much we really love it.

Things sure do seem to be going our way. I have faith now, more than ever that amazing things can and do happen.   Someone must be watching out for our family, and that is such a good (or should I say God) feeling!