This is one of my favorite times of the day; first thing in the morning before anyone else is up. It is such a pretty scene out of our back window just now, as the mist rises up from behind the budding trees. The birds are singing, and there is such a sense of quiet peace. It really is beautiful.

Mornings like this, I really enjoy the sense of calm in our neighbourhood, and cannot imagine leaving here. But latley, we have been doing a lot of thinking about where we live, as student residents of nearby houses seem to encroach on quiet life on Koch Drive. Generally, the summers are good as far as students go, as most of them leave to return to their family homes for the summer. Most of the students we have encountered here on our street are quite respectful, keeping noise levels down, and being relatively non-disruptive, however, there were a few keg parties in the fall that were raided by local police, and written about extensively in the Guelph Mercury. The issue of garbage and shopping carts being left around also proves quite an eye-sore, not to mention a danger to the many children who live here also.

Our next door neighbours have decided to sell their house, and we are very sorry to see them go. I hope that we get good new neighbours, though I doubt anyone will compare to these friends. Many of us here sure will miss them…