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Perhaps I am stating the obvious here, but it seems to be a commonality amongst all children that they like sweets. It appears that Liam is no exception. I recently made the mistake of introducing him to “just a small taste” of one of my worst eating habits…doughnuts! He simply fell in love with them, possibly even more than I!

The grocery store which we frequent (mosty because I don’t seem to be able to get my act together enough to make a list once a week, therefore we end up there multiple times weekly instead) has a wonderful bakery section, featuring fresh baked goodies. Liam has caught on to Mommy’s bad habit, and now asks politely as soon as we enter the store for “nuduts”…translation:doughnuts. Last week when we got home from our grocery shopping trip, Liam searched through each bag of groceries until he found the one which contained the treat I had bought to “share.” By the time I found him, he had devoured no less than half of it!

I have also noticed that any time I go through a drive-through window, whether it is Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s or the Instant Teller at our bank, the little voice in the back seat pipes up…”nuduts?” with keen interest.

As he gets older, I am not sure that his fondness for sweets will fade away, if anything, it will likley intensify. I am going to have to think up clever tactics in order to distract him in the grocery store, and while doing my banking. Too many nuduts aren’t good for you 🙂