Today is my 31st Birthday. I kind of wish today had never happened…or maybe, had happened differently. At least the day is almost over, and I can start fresh tomorrow.

The day started very early for me, as I was up at 4 a.m. with insomnia, but I was happy enough to start the day with some quiet time for myself…

We decided to venture up north to visit my parents, and elderly Grandmothers, and share a wonderful home cooked turkey dinner my parents had made, as well as the chocolate Birthday cake that Stuart had made. Up until this point, things were going great. The kids were so good in the car, the sun shone, and I was happy to be out of the house enjoying time with my family.

We really wanted to see my Gramma Katie, who has been very ill lately, and is currently in the hospital. This afternoon, Gramma was given the horrible news that she has cancer of the bladder which has metastasized to her lungs. This very upsetting news was delivered to me late this morning, before Gramma even knew herself. Everyone is devastated as she is so loved by her family and the entire village of Wiarton, who refer to her as “Aunt Katie.” Gramma is 88, but this sort of news is never very easy to swallow, at any age. I was so thankful to be able to see her today. She looked good, despite much physical discomfort. She never has been one to complain, and has always been such a positive person.

Our trip home was “interesting” to say the least. We nearly ran out of gas, just south of Owen Sound. I decided not to stop despite being almost on empty, at what turned out to be the only gas station for miles! Liam complained and Gwyneth cried for the last hour of the drive, rattling our nerves which by that point could have used some quiet and calm. We finally stopped and had “Birthday supper” at McDonalds…yuck! And I thought breastfeeding in public was no big deal! Not a place I would ever choose to do that again! You would have thought I had sprouted an extra head!

So, that’s it in a nutshell folks. Thanks to my friends and family who called and e-mailed well-wishes 🙂 You made a kind of sad day a lot better.

I think I will just pretend my 31st didn’t happen. Maybe I can stay 30 this year, and skip 31 altogether? That really would be okay with me!

Gramma continues to be the central focus of thought and prayer tonight. I want her to know how much I love her, and am thinking of her…