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I just checked out fellow Blogger, and neighbour Kathy Siebert’s blog, as part of my usual evening routine. I was intrigued by her latest post about Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) because at this time of the year, it seems to be a regular topic of conversation within my peer group. I will readily admit that I am one of the thousands (millions?) that falls into the category as a sufferer of this affliction. I recall actually being diagnosed with S.A.D. several years ago by my family Doctor, but living in a climate where we see so little of the sun in the dreary winter months, perhaps I am the norm? If not, there sure seem to be a lot of “happy” people grumbling about the gray days!

Obviously, going outside and enjoying the sunshine whenever it appears these days is a definite “to-do.” Even on the coldest days, I bundle up my son and myself, and we head outdoors for as long as we can tolerate the chilly air. My *other* neighbour always laughs at me, when after mere minutes of the sun’s appearance, I call her to inquire if she is interested in a walk to our local Tim Hortons. Frankly, I’m not sure if I enjoy the coffee, the company, or the sunshine the most!