When I was asked recently to review some of the new President’s Choice products this Christmas Season, I was *very* excited! I LOVE PC products, and have used them for many, many years. Everything from their decadent ice creams, to cooking sauces, prepared meals, crackers and breads, the Blue Menu line – literally anything and everything they make and they never disappoint me. I am constantly raving about them to friends and family – I should do commercials! Quality product + good price = happy Catherine! At this time of the year, I can honestly say the PC Insider’s Report is my favorite food review of new ideas!

So, when the doorbell rang today, it was the courier with a shipment of new PC products. My kids and I opened the box with anticipation, and I was thrilled to see, right there in the midst of it all, the all-new Pad Thai Sauce (I’ve been dying to try this) The assortment of other products was also impressive. Hazelnut Cantuccini mini biscotti, Seven Grain snack crackers, Chocolate Covered Gingerbread Bites, Gigandes Beans in vinigarette, as well as a USB, and gift cards! Nice! Merry early Christmas to me!


I have sampled the biscotti already, to which I give two thumbs up! They are great, they honestly taste homemade, and the hazelnut flavour is absolutely perfect, as is the crunchiness – ideal for dipping in hot cocoa. I also tried the beans – yum! I think they’d make a wonderful addition to a holiday spread, not too sure what else to say about the beans, other than that I liked the simple flavour, they tasted the way I was expecting them to, and I thought they were delicious.

I’ll have to let you know what I think of the Pad Thai sauce – that’ll likely be a weekend treat. My kids will happily eat my pad thai, so we’ll see how this sauce stacks up to my own, and the other brand I sometimes use.

By the way…no, I am not being asked to say these positive things as product review. I will give my honest opinions as always, I promise!