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Illness sure has taken it’s toll on the Robertson household this week! First, our Son Liam was sick on Thursday and Friday. Two days later it was my turn, and I still find myself feeling somewhat unwell while I recover and avoid certain foods. I know Butter Chicken and other curries will not be on my wish list for a long time! My husband Stuart is still recovering as well, feeling very weak and shaky, but currently in the best place he can be…bed.

It amazes me when we are sick, how we automatically revert back to our childhood patterns, longing for someone to care for us. While at my worst, all I wanted was comforting, crackers and for someone to rub my back. In reality, my husband had to provide the majority of his care to our son, during the worst of my illness and I was able to cope on my own, and the same can be said for him. I am thankful that our illnesses were not at exactly the same time, or I really don’t know what we would have done.

Many things change when you become a parent. That’s obvious, I know, but some of the little things are the ones that you really aren’t ready for, and perhaps never can be. One of the biggest changes I have noted since my recent “parenting journey” began is this:

“Parents simply cannot get sick!”

As we proceed with caution into the upcoming days, I pray for healing and strength in our house. I hope to get the housework back in order, hot meals prepared, and I also hope that we did not “share” any of our germs with friends in the past week, before we knew that we were about to be ambushed by this horrible affliction!

This parenting business sure does take energy…I am glad that mine is finally starting to return. I really have missed it!