Carrot Pudding

Tag! I’m it! Cori at SAHMbles has tagged me to do a “Real Mom” post. Well, here goes nothing!

Real Mom’s eat Christmas Pudding in April…ah, but where’s the Brown Sugar Sauce you may ask? Well, I may be strange, but I’m not *completely* off my dot yet thank you very much! And if you *must* know, I had this pudding tucked away in the freezer waiting for the right opportunity. I’d say the stress level in my home these days is about a level 10, so it was time to bring it out! Ill family members, sick kids, packing and moving…all have me singing the “Don’t wanna be a Mom anymore” blues…well, not really, but who among us Mom folk has never fantasized about having days off, posh nights on the town, endless vacations…or at least a good pedicure..heh! Am I right or what ladies?

Real Moms (as well as eating Christmas Pudding at strange times of the year) may also…

Have a tendency to be vague (I think…or not)

Own 5 nightlights

Wish they could clone themselves

Want more ice cream

Have little patience for this right now (so, let’s get on with it, shall we?!?)

Work continuously

Spend less time on themselves, and less time in the bathroom

Need help from God

Interact differently

Draw many pictures of trains, bunnies, sunshines and froggys

Have trouble operating the V.C.R.

But most of all, Real Moms LOVE.