Guelph is a great city to call home with a diverse multi-cultural community where both artists and scholars abound. It is also home to the University of Guelph’s faculty of Scottish Studies, a specialized program offered only in our city. Near to the campus, is “The Wandering Scot,” a British shop which features delightful imported goods.  Having married a Scottish lad, “The Wandering Scot” being along his daily commuter path is somewhat of a mixed blessing. The store itself is mesmerizing and our children ask to go there on a daily basis. Colourful packages of every size, shiny tins and beautiful bottles fill the shelves of this local gem.

The store’s friendly and knowledgeable staff greet you with helpful advice and product information. When the store first opened their doors last spring, we were there so often for their imported chocolate and crisps that the employees knew our family on a first-name basis! I wonder if they ever thought we were there too often?

Another note-worthy local Scottish hub, is the friendly little “Rising Dough Bakery” which is nestled in the heart of historic downtown Preston. This delightful Scottish Bakery is the place to buy fresh Cornish Pasties and Empire Cookies, Cheesy Beaners (a shop specialty of pastry, mashed potatoes, baked beans and cheese,) shortbread, and the best raisin scones. True, these delicacies are not really healthy, but from time to time, they are an absolute must. The shop is cozy and comfortable with café-style seating. The coffee is hot and fresh, as is all of the excellent food they serve. The patrons chat pleasantly amongst one-another, with an intimate familiarity of this welcoming space.  We always enjoy the simplicity of “The Rising Dough Bakery.”

Though Fergus has been thought of as the traditional Scottish town of southern Ontario, these two shops might well convince you that you need look no further for a taste of  Scotland.