In Loving Memory of Thelma Hahn (my Gram) who’s own spirit flew free on June 12, 2008. I love you forever, I’ll miss you always…

She Sends Birds

By: Catherine Robertson

She sends birds in this time of sorrow,
to watch over and protect.
They bring love in a time of sadness,
and this symbol seems perfect.

An Oriole in tree-top high,
a shining jewel of love.
A Mourning Dove mourns with me,
gifted from skies above.

Two ducks drop in with comfort,
and waddle through the grass.
Bright Goldfinch at the feeder,
keep watch on your way past.

I long to see them often,
bring peace and solace here.
While memories sustain me,
these gifts of birds appear.

She sends birds to make life peaceful,
a sign she knows we’ll see.
Spirit bless each one we witness,
as they’re sent eternally.

Those who knew her well knew how much Gram loved birds. I think that every phone conversation I ever had with her included tell of that days’ activity around her bird feeder. Even if it was just sparrows, this was thought to be worthy news, and told as though it was the highlight of her day. Birds brought her such joy, and were a true passion for Gram.

In the days since her passing, tremendous comfort has been brought to me by the visitation of birds of varying varities, and always at the most appropriate times. The other day while sitting on the deck of our home, so very deep in sorrow, and feeling such a tremendous sense of loss, a sweet little Mourning Dove landed right beside me. He regarded me inquisitively as I wept, and as quickly as he came to me, he fluttered away again. I took this as a sign that Gram was with me. She had sent him as a signal “it’s okay, I’m here”

Cardinals continuously bathe in the bird bath Gram offered Stuart and I when she moved from her home on 6th street. We had just bought our first house, and were thrilled at the prospect of watching birds in our very own backyard. Inded, it has had so much use, over the years, but until this past week, never had I seen a Cardinal use it.

Robins have adorned my yard like autumn leaves this week, their happy songs can be heard early every morning. They watch me as I water the garden, hoping to sneak in at just the right moment to grab the fattest worm possible..

Ducks have come in for brief landings, and wandered through the yard as if giving it their approval. The chickadees sing and chase each other happily, and finches dance through the skies, providing a wonderous show of gold.

The most beautiful experience of late, was the morning of Grams passing, when an Oriole came to a tall tree near the deck of mom and Dad’s house. He sang happily to us, and although he was shy, he made certain he was seen and heard. Charlie, Mom and Dad’s inherited resident crow, has also accompanied the Oriole in recent visits to the pond, bringing joy to those who catch a glimpse of him, while he catches the daily offerings of bread crusts out back.

Gram has sent us birds as a sign that all is well. An offering from a place that we cannot possibly comprehend, but a symbol which brings understanding and peace . They are a sign of new-found freedom and joy. They represent her spirit.

I will watch for Gram’s birds for some time to come…and even though I know that they have always been around me, I intend to stop and watch, listen and feel…for the birds she sends are sent with love, and now, recieved with so much more joy than ever before.