Time sure flies, and in less than one week, we will be officially moved into our new home…yahoo! I am full of anticipation and excitement. I look forward to a beautiful new neighbourhood, a yard where our children will play, and our friends and family will gather, and a house we will in time, make ours. Yet, my excitement is mixed with sadness. At the same time that we are eager with boxes packed to the ceiling, real estate finalizations and planning and organizing for our big day, my Grandmother lies in a hospital bed. She is so sick, very weak and dying of cancer…

Speaking to her on the phone earlier today, her voice seemed distant. She has had so much pain to endure. The cancer is spreading throughout her body at a rapid pace. It just didn’t feel like I was talking to Gramma today. The conversation made me so sad.

Life sure is full of its ups and downs. It’s so hard to know how to feel when they happen all at once.