“Spring Has Sprung, the grass is ris…I wonder where the birdies is!?!”

I think my Mom used to recite this to me when I was little…even now, it still makes me smile!

On the topic of spring, my husband and I have noticed a huge change in our son’s behaviour of late, and are wondering if the cause is the proverbial “Spring Fever” which seems to affect us all at this time of the year. Yesterday was full of tantrums and shouting while he spent much of the day indoors. At one point, a broken banana which his Dad attempted to remedy with scotch tape (do not try this at home people!) was the cause of a level 9 toddler melt-down.

Today, our efforts to spend much of the day outside paid off as his spirits were so much better, and there wasn’t a single tantrum. He seemed to have a very happy day! It was so nice to have him back to his regular old self again. Nothing a little fresh air and sunshine couldn’t fix, eh!

Just what is there to the notion of spring fever anyways? Why exactly does it affect children (dare I say, everyone) in such a profound way? Parents and teachers note a yearly increase in the “Spring Crazies” second only to the sugur-induced madness seen on the days following Hallowe’en! Even animals are acting funny. Our cats are literally climbing the walls, and the Squirels are going nuts for…well…nuts!

Is it because children are so sensitive that they succumb to thier emotions so much more than we do as adults? Perhaps we are all in super-sensitivo mode? I know I for one am extremely sensitive when it comes to the weather. I notice a definite up-lift in my spirits whenever the sun shines. Perhaps all of us in this wacky climate are all so much more affected by the weather than we realise?

Pink Crocs

All I can say for certain is that I am truly thrilled to see the return of the grass, and although it is still brown in colour, I was briefly tempted to run out there in my sandals today. I did not end up wearing my sandals, however I did make an equally poor choice of footwear on our earlier walk to the muddy park. “Holy shoes Batman!” Literally…hole-y…heh! Needless to say, I got just a wee bit of a soaker!