Earth Day passed this year without me even noticing (gulp) In years past, I celebrated this day by planting trees, collecting garbage in my neighbourhood, working at environmental demonstration “booths”or at the very least, gardening, but this year, I really, honestly, completely *forgot* all about it, until now.

Perhaps this says something about our society in general. I checked out the Coming Events section of the newspaper the other day (before I forgot about Earth Day!) and there was only one event listed within our community to celebrate our beautiful planet…sad, but true. Then again, I can’t really say too much seeing I lost track of it…

I think so many of us (myself included) take this earth for granted. We pollute our environment in so many ways, yet there are simple and effective things we can all do to help the earth to begin to heal. Maybe, we should all try to make every day Earth Day?

Ten Tips To Help Our Planet:

Use your car less often by choosing to bike, walk or carpool to work

Reduce, re-use, re-cycle and compost everything you can!

Use energy efficient light bulbs

Plant a vegetable garden or buy local produce

Eat less meat

Plant trees, shrubs and a garden

Don’t litter, but provide a good example and try to pick up litter when you see it in your neighbourhood

Use cold water when possible to wash your clothes

Wear a sweater and turn down the heat in the winter, and use the A/C sparingly in the summer months

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, scrubbing veggies, doing dishes…etc.

(Many of these tips will also save you money!)