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10. I had an awesome visit with my Mom, who came down for a couple of days. We hung out and chatted, did a little shopping, ate way too much good food from the Rising Dough Bakery, and just had a good time all around! She even made rice pudding!

9. Liam is having a marathon nap this afternoon, so I get some quiet time for myself! Yay!

8. It’s almost the weekend. We are going to our neighbours for some yummy Pad Thai this evening! I am really looking forward to the company and of course, the food!

7. Wiarton Willie says spring is almost here!!! Maybe that should be number 1?

6. The colour blue…I just love blue, especially powder blue and cobalt blue glass.

5. My Beading basket…just looking at it makes me smile. Now to find some time to make something! On the topic of creativity, I should also mention scrapbooking. I have decided to get organised, and get my photos together to finish up Liam’s album and our wedding album.

4. Trees. Enough said…they’re just great 😀

3. Liam learning to talk. I just love that he can express so much more of himself to us now, through words.

2. Pajama’s. It’s 3:30 p.m. and I am wearing mine…I got *back* into them when I got home.

1. My Blog. I really missed writing yesterday. I am finding it a great creative outlet, and a way to share with my family and friends. Keep visiting everyone!