Sleepy Liam

As they get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to photograph sleeping children. For starters, the flash required for photography in dark places would likely wake them up, and by the time parents of toddlers actually get their children down for the night, about the last thing on their minds is “hey, let’s get out the camera and chance waking them.” Needless to say, I took this precious picture of my Sleeping Beauty when he was about 5 months old, and haven’t attempted to take any pictures of him mid-slumber since then.

Tonight as Liam was falling asleep beside us, with his head on my pillow, I looked at his beautiful little smiling face, and whispered “I love you”, and to my heart’s delight, he answered back “Ub-boo.” I am not sure if he even knows what those words mean when I say them to him, but hearing them back from him for the first time tonight made my heart melt. I think they were the best words I have heard in my whole life…