A few years ago my family decided to delve into the exciting (eggciting?) world of raising urban chickens. I will admit that at the time, my children and I were a little more enthusiastic about this prospect than my dear husband. Happily, he adjusted well to our new feathered friends and to this day is responsible for much of their care.

I wanted to post this article I wrote in the hopes that it might inspire some of you to get into the hobby of backyard poultry. Where we live in southern Ontario it is legal to raise chickens, but not every community is as lenient. Evidently it started here in the 1940’s when Italian immigrants wanted to continue to raise chickens as they did back home. Folks in Guelph were allowed to keep hens for fresh eggs, and the city has allowed it ever since!

Give the article a read! I would recommend that if you are serious about getting your own flock, you wait until the spring. Things are a tad more complicated once the snow comes, but we’ve found our way into the amazing world of chicken-keeping, even in winter, and hopefully you will too!