The town of Wiarton Ontario really is a lovely little spot. I would really enjoy living there, or perhaps one day, retire there. My parents officially live in Wiarton, although they are actually situated quite a distance from the town itself.

I took this photo recently while visiting my parents. A beautiful little harbour isn’t it?

I am trying to get to water as much as possible this summer. That being said, Stuart and I really are “home-bodies” so the thought of doing much travelling is slightly overwhelming, especially with such young children. However, since Guelph is “missing the boat” (hehe!) in the water department, there is really no choice but to travel to find a body of water. Liam’s little splash pool in the back yard isn’t quite cutting it! Luckily, I was raised on Georgian Bay, so I am familiar with the Owen Sound area, and its most beautiful feature, the Bay! I’d love to go more north to explore the shores of Lake Superior one day. I have heard that there are few spots in our province which rival it’s beauty. One day perhaps…for now, we’ll stick to what we know.

To water!