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While I do have a washer, dryer and other modern conveniences that prevent me from having to do my laundry by beating the clothes on a rock, today I felt like a Wild Washerwoman. I have never in my life done so many loads of laundry in one day! I will surely swoon at the sight of our next hydro bill. In no way am I exaggerating when I say that I did at least 12 loads! The reason you ask…? Liam was very sick last night, and barfed on pretty much everything in the upstairs of our house (my husband and myself included…several times each!) The poor little guy had his 12 month shots (a bit late mind you) yesterday, and evidently he didn’t react very well to them. This was the first real experience either Stuart or I has had in taking care of a very sick little person, and it was one of the scariest evenings of our lives! Without going into graphic detail, I simply could not believe how much *stuff* came out of his little tummy! We rocked him, talked in hushed voices, offered sips of water, and eventually, called Telehealth Ontario for advice. It really is horrible to watch your child in such distress, knowing that besides providing comfort, there really isn’t a lot you can do for them.

I am however, happy to report that Liam is feeling much better today, and while I don’t think he is 100% quite yet, he played happily this morning and I was able to take him on a short outing this afternoon.

But, they say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, so on a positive note, I have gotten an early start on my spring cleaning! All of the bedding from the pillow-top, to sheets, to duvet and covers all got a thorough washing today! Again, here I am talking about spring…wishful thinking or what!