I had a really difficult time choosing my winners this time around. For starters, the submissions were excellent! Nearly all of them sounded (and looked) absolutely delicious, and it was so hard to choose winners, so, this time what I have done, is awarded my first, second and third, and I will name some favorite honorable mentions as well. I will be posting many of your recipe submissions over the next few weeks, and cooking them as I go, so make sure to check back to see if you’ve been posted!
In the meantime, here are the WINNERS!!! I chose winning entries based on simplicity, originality and for those with photos (which I LOVED) the yum-factor for appearance!

First Place: Sampa Ghosh from Fremont CA, with beautiful Indian Recipe for Spinach Patties! Sampa sent a variety of recipes to chose from, all beautifully plated and photographed. The recipes sound and look delicious and are straight-forward and easy! Congratulations Sampa! I can’t wait to try all of them – Indian food is a favorite of mine.

Second Place: DM Ryan from Topsfield, MA for Cajun Smoked Chicken and Sausage Stew. A hearty-looking, and family-pleasing recipe, which is made in a crock-pot. I loved the history that came along with this submission, and the beautiful photo as well! Nicely done!

Third Place: Darleen Witmer from Kitchener, ON with her Borsch Recipe Complete with step-by-step photos of the borsch-making process. Very impressive Darleen!

Honorable Mentions:

I would like to note the following entries, who deserve special mention as well! These all looked and sounded wonderful, and I can’t wait to try them:

Zoe Morris, for Spaghetti Carbonara – can’t wait to make it soon, and for my husband to try this! He LOVES spaghetti!

Erica Toet, for Croquetten – these sound and look amazing! More beautiful photos sent in with Erica’s submissions 🙂 Thanks Erica!

Katie Hi, for her Tortellini Casserole – Katie’s own recipe for this delightful-looking and easy dish is on our menu this week in the Robertson household. Thanks Katie – it looks fabulous!

I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to this contest. I had dozens of recipes to choose from, and it really was hard to pick the winners, as there were so many good ones! If you didn’t win this time around, please enter my next contest this summer – I’ll let you know when it’s time for that!

Thanks again everyone! WINNERS, check your e-mail for details on prizes! 🙂