DSC03883(tapioca “pearls” or “bubbles” for bubble tea)

If only I was able to visit all of the countries that visit my blog! On a daily basis, I get anywhere between 1500 and 2000 visitors, averaging 70 different countries, and I am so happy you’re all here!

Recently I added a Facebook link off of my site. It’s been fun seeing all of the countries represented by “fans.” China, Great Britain, New Zealand, Africa, and of course many in the US and Canada – welcome to all of you! I love that blogs have the ability to reach a global audience, we can share our ideas and inspirations, and best of all, I get the chance to learn about some of my readers when you send me feedback and e-mails.

I’ve been doing   a lot of thinking about my next book, following the success of my first. I was interviewed again on Thursday, and was asked what my next cookbook will be about. I think since I’ve had such a great international outpouring of support, I am going to focus on international cuisine, again in my usual style, focusing on easy ways to prepare ethnic dishes. We eat all sorts of international food in our home, ranging from Chinese, to Italian, Greek, Thai, Indonesian, French…you name it, and I cook it!

So, the Cat’s about to travel the world – metaphorically speaking of course. Now if I could figure out a way to convince a publishing company that research is an integral part of my next book, and that world travel to taste and learn more about international cooking were   a necessary part of the process 😉 Let’s start with somewhere warm, shall we? I’m not such a big fan of this cold weather!