Recently I was contacted and asked to do a review of a new product called Zevia. I am always happy to oblige when it comes to taste-testing new products.

Zevia is a sugar-free, caffeine-free, zero-calorie, all natural soda and it is truly AMAZING! My family was sent a huge mixed case of this yummy treat, and we’ve been happily taste-testing away. The flavours are gingerale, orange, black cherry, cola, twist and rootbeer. YUM! We LOVE this stuff. My five-year-old is very excited about it – he doesn’t normally get to have pop, so this is a huge treat to him.

It’s so nice to have a beverage like this in the house while watching what you eat. It’s guilt-free with zero calories, and actually tastes GOOD! I can even enjoy sipping away on an icy soda in the evening, and it doesn’t affect my diet or my sleep because there are no calories or caffeine! My absolute favorite is the Black Cherry!

So, the Zevia Company wanted to get the word out about this fantastic product by doing a free give away here on Cat Can Cook! First prize will be a large mixed case sent right to your home, and the two runners-up will each receive a mixed six pack. I’m going to make it easy on you. Just answer the following “Zevia Trivia” question correctly, and I will place entries into a random draw.

The question is: How many calories does Zevia have? (Hint: The answer is in this post, and on www.zevia.com)

To enter, just send the correct answer to: cat@catcancook.com by Thursday, December 31st, 2009. I’ll announce the winners on New Years Day, and your prizes will be on their way thanks to Zevia!

This particular contest is only open to US residents, as Zevia is a US Company.