I wanted to create a website featuring some of my favorite easy recipes for busy people to try and enjoy! All of the recipes contained in my web-site are guaranteed simple and tasty!

This is the personal website of Catherine Robertson, Mother, Wife and Artist (among numerous other things) who lives in Guelph (pronounced: Gwelf) Ontario, Canada with her husband Stuart, son Liam and daughter Gwyneth and all their pets, including 4 cats! Catherine is a busy stay-at-home Mom of two young children. In her spare time (um, what is this spare time thing?) Catherine enjoys cooking, crafts such as jewelry making, photography and scrapbooking, reading, art, gardening and music. Other interests include her love of archaeology and history, which prompted her to study both Anthropology and Art History in University.

Catherine’s husband Stuart Robertson, is a web-designer, and creator of Designmeme. He works for the University of Guelph, and teaches in Toronto. Stuart and Catherine met in Founders Residence at York University, 14 years ago, and were married at the Guelph Arboretum in Guelph in June of 2002. They both share many common interests, but their biggest passion, and common achievement is their children. Catherine’s diverse employment background ranging from restaurant prep-cook, to Historical Interpreter at Black Creek Pioneer Village, to Civil Servant, have all prepared her for the most challenging job she has ever tackled: motherhood. Chasing after children is a busy job, and not necessarily similar to any other job she has ever done, but it is definitely her most rewarding one to date!