Welcome to Cat Can Cook

I wanted to create a website featuring some of my favourite easy recipes for busy people to try and enjoy. All of the recipes contained on my website are guaranteed simple and tasty!

My name is Catherine Robertson and I live in Southern Ontario with my husband, our two children and a multitude of animal-companions. Our home is a warm and welcoming space where family and friends often gather to enjoy each other’s company and of course, to eat!

I have been cooking and baking all of my life. From a young age, my parents and grandparents instilled in me a passion for creativity, and one of my favourite forms of creative expression is preparing and sharing delicious food. I grew up in a household where freshly prepared meals were very important. Daily, my family would all help out in the kitchen and sit around the dinner table enjoying our food and discussing our days with one another. This is a tradition that I have brought into my home as an adult, and we always try to have dinner together as a family. As my kids get older, they too seem to enjoy cooking and baking, and I am so happy they do.

I started Cat Can Cook back in 2005, and it quickly grew in popularity because of my Awesome Banana Muffin Recipe. My site features hundreds of my favourite simple, delicious recipes. My goal is to provide a great resource for trusted and tried recipes for busy people. All of the recipes on my website are guaranteed to be simple and tasty, not complicated. Cooking should be fun, and it will be with my help. Whenever possible I like to photograph my progress as I cook and bake. I think this helps to give readers a visual of what they are making, and helps them follow along.

In 2009 I wrote my first cookbook following the success of Cat Can Cook. It sold worldwide and in 2017 I published my second book. I have made many television appearances on local daytime shows including Breakfast Television Toronto and Daytime Rogers. I have taught cooking classes, run workshops and given talks on cooking and baking. I’ve also written articles for Canadian Parents and Today’s Parent magazines.

I am passionate about teaching people that cooking and baking are easy with a little practice and perseverance, and who doesn’t love getting to taste-test as they learn a new skill?

Please feel free to leave me your comments you try my recipes. I love hearing from you, knowing where in the world you are visiting from, and what you’re cooking up.

So, put your feet up, lean back and relax as you read over some of my recipes. I do hope you’ll try them – I promise you will not be disappointed.