27 August 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Cat Can Cook Book!

It’s nearly here!  My cookbook is due to go to print in just a few weeks, and boy does it look great!

In case you are wondering (many of you have e-mailed me) it will be available for purchase through my CatCanCook Website. I am trying to keep the cost relatively low, so it looks like it will be soft-cover and black and white and somewhere in the $20 price range give or take a few bucks.  Yes, I know you won’t be able to see the delectable recipes in living colour, until you make them for yourself that is, but as I said, I wanted to keep it affordable.  I have a few people who are wanting to give it to everyone on their Christmas list, which by the way, I highly recommend!

So, stay tuned.  More updates to come. What can I say…I’ve been busy writing a book.  I know, I know…lame excuse! 🙂

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