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30 November 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Scottish Shortbread Recipe

This Scottish Shortbread Recipe (no, it’s not Scotch as some like to say) is soooo easy!!! I was skeptical when made them yesterday, as they seemed to good to be true, but they are so tasty, and so easy! I swear, I think my 3-year-old could make these himself if only he could read! 😀 […]

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15 November 2007 ~ 35 Comments

Febrile Seizures: Information for Parents

Yesterday was simultaneously the worst and best day ever. The entire story of how the day unfolded could be told in many ways, all of which would take quite a long time, but I will sum up by saying in short, that Gwyneth had a Febrile Seizure, and it was the scariest thing my husband […]

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04 November 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Giving Back

Since moving to Guelph (and especially since the birth of our children) I have been overwhelmed at the kindness shown to our family by our friends and even people I only *just* met and later became friends with through a women’s group I attend. It amazed me when Gwyneth was born, when my Grandmother passed […]

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